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309 MicroRNAs in Human Diseases: From Lung, Liver and Kidney Diseases to Infectious Disease, Sickle Cell Disease and Endometrium Disease
Tai-You Ha
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):309-323.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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324 HLA and Disease Associations in Koreans
Stephen Ahn, Hee-Back Choi, Tai-Gyu Kim
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):324-335.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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336 T Cell Receptor Signaling That Regulates the Development of Intrathymic Natural Regulatory T Cells
Ki-Duk Song, SuJin Hwang, Cheol-Heui Yun
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):336-341.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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342 Modulation of Glial and Neuronal Migration by Lipocalin-2 in Zebrafish
Ho Kim, Shinrye Lee, Hae-Chul Park, Won-Ha Lee, Myung-Shik Lee, Kyoungho Suk
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):342-347.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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348 NDRG2 Promotes GATA-1 Expression through Regulation of the JAK2/STAT Pathway in PMA-stimulated U937 Cells
Kyeongah Kang, Hyeyoun Jung, Sorim Nam, Jong-Seok Lim
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):348-357.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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358 Influence of Interferon-γ Deficiency in Immune Tolerance Induced by Male Islet Transplantation
Yong-Hee Kim, Youngkyoung Lim, Chung-Gyu Park
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):358-363.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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364 Production of Prostaglandin E2 and I2 Is Coupled with Cyclooxygenase-2 in Human Follicular Dendritic Cells
Whajung Cho, Jini Kim, Kyu-Bong Cho, Jongseon Choe
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):364-367.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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368 Blockade of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Aggravates the Severity of Acute Graft-versus-host Disease (GVHD) after Experimental Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (allo-HSCT)
Ai-Ran Kim, Ji-Young Lim, Dae Chul Jeong, Gyeongsin Park, Byung Churl Lee, Chang-Ki Min
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):368-375.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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376 CO/HO-1 Induces NQO-1 Expression via Nrf2 Activation
Hyo Jeong Kim, Min Zheng, Seul-Ki Kim, Jung Jee Cho, Chang Ho Shin, Yeonsoo Joe, Hun Taeg Chung
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):376-382.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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383 Cellular Mechanism of Newly Synthesized Indoledione Derivative-induced Immunological Death of Tumor Cell
Su-Jin Oh, Chung-Kyu Ryu, So-Young Baek, Hyunah Lee
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):383-389.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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390 Cross-linking of CD80 and CD86 Diminishes Expression of CD54 on EBV-transformed B Cells through Inactivation of RhoA and Ras
Ga Bin Park, Yeong Seok Kim, Hyunkeun Song, Seonghan Kim, Dong Man Park, Wang Jae Lee, Dae Young Hur
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):390-398.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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399 Maturation-Resistant Dendritic Cells Ameliorate Experimental Autoimmune Uveoretinitis
Keunhee Oh, Yon Su Kim, Dong-Sup Lee
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):399-405.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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406 Comparison of Invariant NKT Cells with Conventional T Cells by Using Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)
Sae Jin Oh, Ji Ye Ahn, Doo Hyun Chung
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):406-411.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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412 Immunomodulatory Effects of Hypocrellin A on MHC-restricted Antigen Processing
Sunim Park, Sun-A Im, Ki-Hyang Kim, Chong-Kil Lee
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):412-415.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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416 Th17 Responses Are Not Induced in Dextran Sodium Sulfate Model of Acute Colitis
Yoon Suk Kim, Min Ho Lee, Ahn Seung Ju, Ki-Jong Rhee
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):416-419.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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420 CKD-712, (S)-1-(α-naphthylmethyl)-6,7-dihydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline, Inhibits the NF-κB Activation and Augments Akt Activation during TLR4 Signaling
Jeonggi Lee, Eun-Jeong Yang, Jeon-Soo Shin, Dal-Hyun Kim, Sung-Sook Lee, In-Hong Choi
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):420-423.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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424 The Role of Intracellular Receptor NODs for Cytokine Production by Macrophages Infected with Mycobacterium leprae
Tae Jin Kang, Gue-Tae Chae
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):424-427.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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428 Anti-CD137 mAb Deletes Both Donor CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells in Acute Graft-versus-host Disease
Juyang Kim, Hong Rae Cho, Byungsuk Kwon
Immune Netw. 2011;11(6):428-430.   Published online 2011 December 31    DOI:
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