How to add a journal to KoreaMed Synapse
How to add a journal to KoreaMed Synapse
Any scholarly scientific journal publisher can participate in KoreaMed Synapse, regardless of the journal’s language. In addition to the quality of the journal’s content, the quality of the XML files should be in the acceptable range established by KoreaMed Synapse. KoreaMed Synapse comprises medical journals. The application process is as follows:
Step 1. Request for inclusion to KoreaMed Synapse
The journal publisher or copyright owner should request inclusion in KoreaMed Synapse with a application form. The following information about the journal should be included in application form Synapse_Agreement_2020.docx via E-mail
Step 2. Review of the journal’s scientific quality
A journal is eligible for inclusion in KoreaMed Synapse after the KAMJE’s Advisory Committee for KoreaMed Synapse evaluates its content based on established criteria. KAMJE’s Advisory Committee for KoreaMed Synapse comprises well-established journal editors and manuscript editors throughout the world and in many different fields. To be included in KoreaMed Synapse, a journal should be peer-reviewed, and include Roman character bibliographic information, abstracts, and references. After the review, KoreaMed Synapse will inform the publisher of the results. If a journal does not meet KoreaMed Synapse’s content standard, it is recommended that the journal be re-submitted after revision.
Step 3. Technical evaluation of Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

The publisher provides KoreaMed Synapse with the full text XML in a JATS XML format. KoreaMed Synapse provides the ftp site to which it should be submitted. The sample files must satisfy the complete requirements of KoreaMed Synapse’s data criteria. Each sample file must be prepared according to the data criteria as follows:

  • JATS XML tagging should be completely produced in accordance with JATS DTD, available from:
    Table should be produced in the format of XHTML. Chemical or mathematical formula should be produced also in the format of XML. Graph files of table or chemical/mathematical formula may not be accepted. Please contact us by, if any one needs help for JATS XML production.
  • Figure files and other supplementary files should be submitted. The format of figure files should be TIFF or EPS, with at least 600 dpi.
  • The content of the JATS XML files should be the same as the published articles in the form of PDF or full text in the journal’s web site.
  • The number of sample files must be all of the files in one issue, or at least five files if the journal has no issue.
  • XML, PDF, graphic file, and supplementary file names must match exactly.
  • The following metadata information must be provided in each JATS XML file: journal ISSN; publisher; copyright statement; license statement, such as Creative Commons Attribution License; volume number (if present); issue number (if present); page number or sequence number of each article; and date of publication.

After the data evaluation, KoreaMed Synapse will provide the publisher with an error report with required revisions, if necessary. If there is no specific error in the JATS XML files, the publisher continues to step 4. However, if revisions are necessary, the publisher should correct the errors and resubmit the JATS XML files. If an error report notification is repeated three times, the application will be postponed for one calendar year from the original application date.

Step 4. KoreaMed Synapse Participation Agreements
If the journal passes the data evaluation, KoreaMed Synapse asks the publisher to complete two copies of the KoreaMed Synapse Participation Agreement with the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE). These can be dispatched at first in PDF form and then by airmail. KAMJE co-signs two copies of the KoreaMed Synapse Participation Agreement. One copy is returned to the publisher. After signing the Agreement, the publisher can deposit all issues up to the present that are to be included in KoreaMed Synapse. KoreaMed Synapse checks all submitted files to ensure that they fulfill the data criteria completely. If any revisions are needed, the publisher should correct them and then re-submit the files. If that data are all satisfactory, KAMJE releases the journal to KoreaMed Synapse with an endorsement to the publisher.
KoreaMed Synapse Participation Agreements: Synapse_Agreement_2020.docx