KoreaMed Synapse is a digital archive and the reference-linking platform of Korean medical journals.
It shall be devoted to the promotion of the health of people worldwide by easy access to desired articles from references of papers.
It shall create a stable, convenient database system for hyperlinks of referenced articles via DOI.
It shall construct the reference database and landing pages of all KAMJE member journals for easy access to and from papers on the web.
Specific objectives
First, it shall make landing pages of journals easily accessible from other journals via the DOI system. Second, it shall pave the way for access to full text of referenced articles from landing pages. Third, it shall install the full text of papers and hyperlink the full text of participating journals. Fourth, it shall provide tables and figures in English, even if the full text is written in Korean.
Background and History
At the Workshop in March 2007 opened by KAMJE, the necessity of the adoption of the DOI system to medical journals in Korea, especially member journals of KAMJE, was suggested since DOI had not been printed in their journals. In August 2007, the Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society launched to print DOI prefixes and suffixes on each paper. After that, 17 journals have participated in DOI/Crossref as of October, 2007. KAMJE became a sponsoring publisher of DOI/Crossref for KAMJE members. Participation in DOI/Crossref requires depositing DOI XML to Crossref. Also, the landing page (or response page) should be constructed to hyperlink the full text of reference articles via the DOI system. These series of works require the new landing page database instead of KoreaMed. In November 2007, the database system for landing pages and DOI hyperlinks was completed. This database adopted the PubMedCentral (PMC) XML to show the full text of journals in English or bibliographic data, abstract, figures, tables and references of articles from journals in Korean. Therefore, if any journals in Korean move to journals in English, the presentation of full-text articles will be smoothly transferred to the PMC XML system.
Database coverage
It covers the full text of articles from Synapse journals and their references hyperlinked to full text via DOI system:
Information for editors who want to participate in KoreaMed Synapse

It is open to any member journals of KAMJE that are qualified under the conditions of participation. The following are the minimum requirements:

First, the journal publisher should be a member of KAMJE.

Second, if journal is written in English, the entire contents should be provided formatted as PDF or other word processing formats of final contents. Or, if the journal is written in Korean, the bibliographic data, abstract, figures, tables and references of articles should be written in English and be provided in PDF format or other word processing formats of final contents.

Third, the publisher should ask KAMJE to add his or her journal to the list of participating publishers of DOI/Crossref since KAMJE is the sponsoring publisher that can receive the prefix of DOI from Crossref.

Fourth, the publisher should print the DOI on the starting page of each paper.

Fifth, the publisher should be able to pay for the PMC XML or DOI XML work. The amount shall be announced each year.

If any publishers or editors want to participate in DOI/Crossref and KoreaMed synapse, please feel free to contact KAMJE.