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383 Bacterial Upper Respiratory Infections
Shin-Woo Kim
KMSID: 1035106   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):383-389.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.383
390 Variations in Number of Hospitalized Patients with Cardiopulmonary Diseases Associated with 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital - Comparison with Seasonal Influenza
So-Yun Nah, Ji Taek Hong, Jae Hyoung Im, Jung Hwan Lee, Areum Durey, Mijeong Kim, Hye-Jin Lee, Shin-Ku Park, Moon-Hyun Chung, Ji Hyeon Baek, Jin-Soo Lee
KMSID: 1035107   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):390-395.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.390
396 Application of Infrequent-Restriction-Site Polymerase Reaction (IRS-PCR) to the Molecular Epidemiologic Analysis of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Na-Young Shin, Jin-Hong Yoo, Chulmin Park, Dong-Gun Lee, Su-Mi Choi, Jae-Cheol Kwon, Si-Hyun Kim, Sun-Hee Park, Jung-Hyun Choi
KMSID: 1035108   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):396-405.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.396
406 Influenza Vaccination Coverage Rate and Factors Associated with Vaccination in People with Chronic Disease
Sae Yoon Kee, Hee Jin Cheong, Byung Chul Chun, Woo Joo Kim
KMSID: 1035109   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):406-411.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.406
412 A Case of Clostridium bifermentans Bacteremia in a Patient with Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Jin A Lee, Hee Jung Yoon, Ji Myung Kim, Seong Min Jo, Yong Hun Choi, Hyun Jin Moon, Ki Ho Yun, Hyeong Kug Kim, Seong Eun Yang
KMSID: 1035110   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):412-415.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.412
416 A Case of Libman-Sacks Endocarditis that Developed after Infective Endocarditis
Sung Joon Jin, Ji Hyun Yoon, Hye Won Kim, Heewook Kim, Ji Hyun Yoon, Se Joong Rim, Young Goo Song
KMSID: 1035111   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):416-420.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.416
421 A Case of Visual and Auditory Hallucinations during Intravenous Voriconazole Therapy
Min-Ju Kim, Moon-Hee Youn, Sang-Bae Kim, Yul Hee Cho, Min-Young Lee, Sung-Yeon Cho, Jae-Cheol Kwon, Si-Hyun Kim, Yoo-Jin Kim, Dong-Gun Lee
KMSID: 1035113   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):421-424.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.421
425 A Case of Pseudomembranous Tracheobronchitis Complicated by Coinfection of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A/H1N1 and Staphylococcus aureus
Ki Ho Nam, Jong Sam Hong, Man Yong Hong, Jae Min Lim, Mi Hye Kim, Bock Hyun Jung, Eun Hee Song, Dae Sik Ryu
KMSID: 1035114   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):425-428.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.425
429 Two Cases of Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Caused by Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus dysagalactiae
Young Sun Suh, Yun-Hong Cheon, Min Kyo Kim, Jong-Hwa Ahn, Sang Su Lee, Min Hee Lim, Byung Hoon Kim, Sunjoo Kim, Myung-Je Cho, In-Gyu Bae
KMSID: 1035115   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):429-431.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.429
432 Appropriate oral Antibiotics for the Treatment of Culture Negative Orthopedic Infections
Lae-Young Jung, Chang-Seop Lee
KMSID: 1035116   Infect Chemother. 2011;43(5):432-433.   Published online 2011 October 31    DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3947/ic.2011.43.5.432
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