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97 Relationship between Complementary Feeding Introduction and Early Childhood Caries: Results from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008–2015
Miyong Yon, Hye-Sun Shin, Haeng Shin Lee
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):97-105.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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106 Relationship between the Intake of Children's Favorite Foods and Policy based on Special Act on Safety Control of Children's Dietary Life
Taejung Woo, Jihye Yoo, Kyung-Hea Lee
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):106-116.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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117 A Qualitative Study on the Potential Utilization of a Mobile Phone for Obesity Management in Elementary-School Children : Parents Perspective
Bo Young Lee, Mi-Young Park, Kirang Kim, Jea Eun Shim, Ji-Yun Hwang
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):117-126.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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127 Analysis of the Participation Reasons and Deterrents on Welfare Facility Dietitians for the Elderly
Su Jin Kim, Min A Lee, Wookyoun Cho, Youngmee Lee, Jiyoung Choi, Eunju Park
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):127-136.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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137 Study on Middle and High School Students' Use of Convenience Foods at Convenience Stores in Incheon
Seul-Ki Lee, Mi-Kyeong Choi, Mi-Hyun Kim
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):137-151.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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152 Food and Nutrient Intake Level by the Risk of Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular Disease in Postmenopausal Women: The use of the 5th Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (2010–2011)
Hyobin Kim, Heysook Kim, Oran Kwon, Heejung Park
Korean J Community Nutr. 2019;24(2):152-162.   Published online 2019 April 30    DOI:
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