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169 The role of Type 2 Diabetes as a predisposing risk factor on the pulpo-periapical pathogenesis: review article
Jin-Hee Kim, Kwang-shik Bae, Deog-Gyu Seo, Sung-Tae Hong, Yoon Lee, Sam-Pyo Hong, Kee-Yeon Kum
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):169-176.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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177 Influence of three different preparation designs on the marginal and internal gaps of CEREC3 CAD/CAM inlays
Deog-Gyu Seo, Young-Ah Yi, Yoon Lee, Byoung-Duck Roh
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):177-183.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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184 Physical properties of different self-adhesive resin cements and their shear bond strength on lithium disilicate ceramic and dentin
Hye-Jin Shin, Chang-Kyu Song, Se-Hee Partk, Jin-Woo Kim, Kyung-Mo Cho
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):184-191.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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192 Comparison of biocompatibility of four root perforation repair materials
Min-Kyung Kang, In-Ho Bae, Jeong-Tae Koh, Yun-Chan Hwang, In-Nam Hwang, Won-Mann Oh
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):192-198.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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199 Color difference of the dental composites measured by different color measuring instruments
Su-Jung Park, Eun-Young Noh, Hyun-Gu Cho, Yun-Chan Hwang, Won-Mann Oh, In-Nam Hwang
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):199-207.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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208 Effects of condensation techniques and canal sizes on the microleakage of orthograde MTA apical plug in simulated canals
Deuk-Lim Nam, Jeong-Kil Park, Bock Hur, Hyeon-Cheol Kim
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):208-214.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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215 In vitro evaluation of cleaning efficacy of various irrigation methods in mandibular molars
So-Young Lee, Won-Jun Son, WooCheol Lee, Kee-Yeon Kum, Kwang-Shik Bae, Seung-Ho Baek
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):215-222.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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223 Effect of a desensitizer on dentinal bond strength in cementation of composite resin inlay
Sae-Hee Han, Young-Gon Cho
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):223-231.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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232 Effects of anticurvature filing on danger zone width in curved root canals
Eui Seong Kim, Hyun Jung Kim, Deog Gyu Seo, Byoung Duck Roh
J Korean Acad Conserv Dent. 2009;34(3):232-239.   Published online 2009 May 31    DOI:
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