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Erratum: Author's Name Correction
In the published article "Relationship Among Bacterial Vaginosis, Local Inflamatory Response and Presence of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Women with and without Human Papilloma Virus Infection. Korean J Obstet Gynecol 2012;55(6):371-379. doi:", the orders of authors' first and last names are given incorrectly. The Editorial Office of Korean J Obstetrics Gynecology would like to correct the authors' names. The Editorial Office apologizes for any inconvenience that it may have caused.
Antovska S. Vesna, MD, PhD1,2, Basheska Neli, MD, PhD3, Grncarova Zlatka, MD2, Aleksioska Natasha, MD2
Corresponding author: Antovska S. Vesna, MD, PhD
The author list should be corrected as follows.
Vesna S. Antovska, MD, PhD1,2, Neli Basheska, MD, PhD3, Zlatka Grncarova, MD2, Natasha Aleksioska, MD2
Corresponding author: Vesna S. Antovska, MD, PhD
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