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651 The Effect of Ethanolic Extracts Mixture from Magnoliae cortex and Carthami semen on the Progression of Experimental Periodontitis in Beagle Dogs
Yang-Jo Seol, Kyoo-Hyun Bae, Yong-Moo Lee, Young Ku, In-Chul Rhyu, Soo-Boo Han, Ki-Hwan Bae, Sang-Mook Choi, Chong-Pyoung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):651-659.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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661 Fusobacterium nucleatum modulates serum binding to Porphyromonas gingivalis biofilm
Jeomil Choi, Soo-Jin Kim, Sung-Jo Kim
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):661-668.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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669 Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Bone Formation in the Extraction Socket of Rat
Seung-Han Yang, Man-sup Lee, Joon-bong Park, Yeek Herr
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):669-687.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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689 A Clinical Comparision of Nonresorbable and Resorbable Membrane in the Treatment of Human Class II Furcation Defects
Chae-Yun Jang, Jae-Mok Lee, Jo-Young Suh
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):689-711.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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713 The Effects of Alendronate on healing of the extraction sockets in rats
Keung-Ky Moon, Jae-Mok Lee, Jo-Young Suh
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):713-726.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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727 Clinical Effect of MS Coat and Elmex gel on the Dentin Hypersensitivity following Periodontal Surgery
Sung-Min Park, Sung-Bin Lim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):727-736.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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737 A Comparative Study of the effects of Synthetic and Xenogenic Bone grafts with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) technique on Periodontal Regeneration
Young-Joo Kim, Sung-Bin Lim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):737-747.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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749 The XPS and SEM Evaluation of Various Technique for Cleansing and Decontamination of The Rough Surface Titanium Implants
Sun-bong Kim, Sung-Bin Yim, Chin-Hyung Chung
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):749-763.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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765 The effect of flap operation and metronidazole gel combined therapy on the treatment of the juvenile periodontitis
Dong-Hwan Shin, Dong-Won Lee, Ik-Sang Moon
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):765-775.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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777 Quantitative assessment of alveolar bone density change after initial periodontal therapy using digital imaging
Kyung-Hyun Ahn, Jae-Duk Kim, Byung-Ock Kim
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):777-785.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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787 The Effect of Interleukin 1-β, Platelet Derived Growth Factor-BB and Transforming Growth Factor-β on the expression of PDLs17 mRNA in the Cultured Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts
Ki-Jung Lim, Kyung-Yoon Han, Byung-Ock Kim, Chang-Yeob Yeom, Joo-Cheol Park
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):787-801.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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803 Effects of cigarette smoking on periodontal status
Seung-Beom Kye, Soo-Boo Han
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):803-810.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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811 The affecting factor to magnification ratio from alveolar crest to inferior mandibular canal in diagnosis of implant site of mandibular molar region with panoramic radiography
Jae-Jin Jung, Sang-Mook Choi, Yong-Moo Lee, Young Ku, Chong-Pyoung Chung, Soo-Boo Han, In-Chul Rhyu
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):811-822.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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823 The effects of chitosan on the human periodontal ligament fibroblasts in vitro
Jeong-Won Paik, Hyun-Jung Lee, Yun-Jung Yoo, Kyoo-Sung Cho, Chong-Kwan Kim, Seong-Ho Choi
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):823-832.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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833 The effect of safflower seed fraction extract on periodontal ligament fibroblast and MC3T3-E1 cell in vitro
Ji-Sun Huh, Jung-Hwa Kang, Yun-Jung Yoo, Chang-Sung Kim, Kyoo-Sung Cho, Seong-Ho Choi
J Korean Acad Periodontol. 2001;31(4):833-846.   Published online 2001 December 31    DOI:
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