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Song: The problems of a separate bill on physical therapists


Recently, various health associations have been attempting to establish separate bills favorable to their societies. A separate bill governing physical therapists was proposed at the 20th National Assembly in May 2019. The Korean Medical Association expressed strong concern about the introduction of the bill, while the Korean Physical Therapy Association welcomed it. Fortunately, the bill is currently pending in the National Assembly. Given the variety of opinions that coexist in the bill, this paper aims to point out the problems of separate bills and to suggest a proper response strategy by the medical community to the bill. First, we look at the original tasks of physical therapists throughout history. Second, we focus on legal problems regarding the physical therapist bill, based on the Constitutional Court's past rulings. Third, we seek response strategies of the medical community. In conclusion, the bill does not reflect the reality of medical care and makes many dangerous public health provisions. The National Assembly should carefully review the bill and listen to the opinions of the medical community.


1. Medical Service Technologists, etc. Act. Act No.15895 (December 19, 2019).
2. Enforcement Decree of the Medical Service Act. Presidential Decree No. 30106 (October 8, 2019).
3. Enforcement Regulations of the Medical Technologists, etc. Act. Ordinance No. 672 (September 27, 2019).
4. Constitutional Court of Korea. Unconstitutionality confirmation of Article 1 of the Medical Service Technologists Act. 94HunMa129 (April 25, 1996).
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