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Ahn, Yoo, Kim, Kang, and Choi: Vascularized Fibular Bone Graft for Tuberculous Spondylitis: Case Report


The tuberculous infection of the skeletal system especially, tuberculous spondylitis is frequently encountered with orthopedic fields. Up to date, Various methods of the treatment are present but each method has problems. Recently, as a development of the microsurgical instrumentation and surgical technique, we had been tried to the two patients of tuberculous spondylitis by vascularized fibular bone graft and anterior fusion. The advantages were as follows; 1. Shortened the bony union times by this operative method. 2. Earlier returning to the social activities compared to the ordinary method. 3. The children involved tuberculous spondylitis with severe kyphosis, who can be corrected the severe kyphosis by this operative method. 4. We can be obtained the rigid graft bone fixation with adequate length of bone by this operative method.

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