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Kim and Kwon: A Study of Menstruation of Middle School Students



This study was to provide preliminary data for menstrual education and research for the early adolescents.


Participants were 320 middle school students in Gangreung city. Data collection was done from May 1 to May 30, 2004 by self administered questionnaires.


In recollecting of menarche experiences, students felt more negative (happy 18.5%, confused 72.6%, embarrassed 82.2%, angry 38.1%, proud 26.2%, excited 15.6%, surprised 54.7%). For menarche preparation, there was a low level of explanations and knowledge of menstruation, and preparedness for menarche. Key informants regarding menstruation experiences were the mother and school teacher. The mean age of menarche was 12.3years old. 66.6% had premenstrual symptoms, and the mean score of VAS for dysmennorrhea was 4.50. Significant variables related to the VAS score were embarrassed of menarche experience (F=3.38, p=.019), preparedness for menarche (F=2.86, p=.038), and premenstrual symptoms (t=63.36, p.000).


Preparation for a positive menarche experience prior to menarche is necessary. More active menstrual education should be given for early adolescents in the school and family setting. Replication studies in other regions and developing a menstrual education program is recommended. Systematic examinations of perimenstrual discomforts for early adolescents should be followed.

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