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Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007 Dec;13(4):310-319. Korean.
Published online May 22, 2013.
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A Study on Eating Behavior, Depression, Anger, Anger Expression and BAS/BIS in Adolescent Women
Suk-Hee Cheon1
1Instructor, College of Nursing, Korea University, Korea.

Corresponding author (Email: )
Received Oct 15, 2007; Accepted Dec 05, 2007.



The descriptive correlational study was designed to examine the relationship of eating behavior to depression, trait anger, anger expression, Behavior Activation System(BAS) and Behavior Inhibition System(BIS) in adolescent women.


437 women aged 15 to 18 years were recruited from two high schools located in Seoul, Korea. The instruments used were SCL's depression scale, Spielberger's state trait anger expression inventory-Korean version for trait anger and anger expression, the Korean-BAS/BIS scale for behavior activation system and behavior inhibition system, and Eating Attitude Test(EAT-26) for eating behavior.


The score of EAT significantly correlated with depression, trait anger, anger expression, BAS and BIS. The EAT score also had a significant relationship with anger-in and anger-out. Depression only correlated with the dieting among factors of EAT. Trait anger, anger-in and anger-out showed a significant correlation with EAT factors such as dieting and oral control. BAS significantly correlated with dieting; whereas, BIS revealed a relationship with bulimia/food preoccupation.


Based on this results, various variables need to be included for a nursing intervention program leading to healthy diet behaviors of adolescent women.

Keywords: Adolescent women; Eating behavior; Depression; Anger; BAS/BIS