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Korean J Women Health Nurs. 2007 Dec;13(4):262-271. Korean.
Published online May 22, 2013.
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Sexual Condition and Attitude for Sexual Counselling in Women with a Hysterectomy
Soon Gyo Yeoum1
1Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Seoil College, Korea.

Corresponding author (Email: )
Received Aug 20, 2007; Accepted Oct 26, 2007.



This study aimed to examine the relationship between pre and post operative sexual condition, differences in sexual attitude through post operational periods, and the relationship between sexual attitude and satisfaction.


Data was collected with questionares from 119 women registered in the gynecology department of a general hospital in Seoul who had undergone a hysterectomy.


There was a significant difference between the condition of pre and post operation coital frequency, sexual satisfaction, and spouse's attitude toward the extraction of the partner's uterus. There was a significant difference between their views of the operation. Twelve months after the operation sexual attitude of sexual aspects changed, but not in physical and psychological aspects. There was a significant difference between sexual attitude and satisfaction on sexual, psychological aspects, but not physical aspects.


The findings suggest that a preliminary sexual condition be identified before surgery, scheduling the operation after helping a spouse gain a positive attitude about the hysterectomy, and couples in their 50's and older get counselling. Increased sexual satisfaction will develop with a belief in positive changes of sexual aspects, but a rapid change should not be expected.

Keywords: Hysterectomy; Women; Sexuality; Attitude