Journal List > Korean J Occup Environ Med > v.6(1) > 1126341

Cheon: Radiological Findings of Low Back Pain Complainers in Some Part of Kyungin area workers


Preliminary survey of low back pain(LBP) was conducted from 7,668 workers of some part of Kyungin area. Among them, 1,183 workers complained LBP. If we do not mind X-ray findings, the prevalence rate of LBP was 15.4%. Lumbar series(anterior-posterior view, lateral view, both oblique view) were take from 973 workers who complained LBP. Three radiological findings which are not related with congenital anomaly or definite trauma-degenerative spondylitis, flattening of the lumbar spine, decreased intervertebral disc space were selected. In the group of degenerative spondylitis, the prevalence rate was relatively high after thirties in both sex. In female, prevalence rate was more higher in 5th and 6th decades than other decades. In the case of flattening of lumbar spine, the prevalence rate was relatively high in 2nd, 3rd and 4th decades in both sex. In case of decreased intervertebral disc space, there was no specific prevalent age group in both sex.

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