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Kwon, Cho, and Lim: Validity and Reliability of Data Derived from Questionnaire on Neurobehavioral Symptoms


There are many studies on the neurobehavioral symptoms due to organic solvent exposure using questionnaire. However there is little published evidence on validity and reliability of the questionnaire on the neurobehavioral symptoms. In present study, the authors tested the validity and reliability of our questionnaire, which was designed for screening neurobehavioral disturbance in organic solvent exposer. Questionnaire was administered to the workers of one paint manufacturing plant and one coil manufacturing plant. In order to evaluate validity of the questionnaire, the average questionnaire scores of two plants were compared. The average score of paint manufacturing plant were higher than that of coil manufacturing plant and the difference was statistically significant. After adjustment of age, duration of employment, education, smoking history and alcohol consumption, significance was maintained. Test-retest reliability was evaluated by kappa statistics. More than 50% of question items showed values of kappa above 0.4, Cronbach coefficient alpha whoch reflects internal consistency of the questionnaire was 0.86. Overall the data showed that validity and reliability of the questionnaire were generally acceptable.

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