Journal List > Korean J Occup Environ Med > v.10(4) > 1126198

Ha, Jo, Park, Hong, Lim, Chung, and Lee: The Development of Health Risk Appraisal at the Worksite


Health Risk Appraisal(HRA) is usually defined as a process by which we expect of individual's chances of death or acquiring specific diseases within a defined period of time. The concept of worksite as an area of health maintenance and promotion is newly developing. Our movement for health promotion of employees has been increasingly known in the worksite. The aim of this study is to develop health risk appraisal tools about health promotion at the worksite for employees. We performed this study by two steps: one step was to develop a HRA questionnaire of worksites in Korea, another was to evaluate the reliability of the questionnaire. For developing HRA questionnaire, we reviewed scientific examples at first, and then weighted the score by delphi. To evaluate the reliability of developed questionnaire, we carried out survey by test-retest method. A total of 131 employees completed HRA questionnaire on two times. The results are as follows. The total score of health risk in unhealthy workers was higher than that of healthy workers. The range of test-retest reliability of responses to the questionnaire was 0.57-0.94. Therefore it seems that this questionnaire was very suitable to assess the health behavior of workers. In conclusion, the developed HRA questionnaire can be used as a tool for evaluating health behavior and for providing health counseling materials.

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