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Lee, Park, Yim, Roh, and Chung: The Relationship between Health Value Cognition, Health Promotion Behavior and Health Examination Results Among Transit Corporation's Workers



This study was performed to compare health value cognition and health promotion behavior compliance between healthy group and not being healthy group, and to evaluate the difference of health promotion behaviors compliance between high group and low group in health value cognition.


The subjects of this study were 565 workers, 233 healthy workers, 172 observation cases and 160 disease cases, selected from 4,919 transit coporations workers.


In health promoting behavior compliance, not being healthy group showed lower level than healthy group in exercise and showed higher level than healthy group in interpersonal support significantly. A worker who replied on health as the most value in life was consisted in 37.3% of healthy group and 36. 1% of not being healthy group, Health value cognition according to general characteristics showed no significant difference except only variable of age in healthy group. Health promoting behavior compliance according to cognition of health value showed in healthy group that a high level group of health value cognition was more significant difference than a low level group in self actualization and health responsibility of health promoting behavior and didn't show difference significantly in not being healthy group.


In conclusion, the relationship between health value cognition, health promotion behavior compliance and periodic health examination results showed weakly. Therefore, in order to develop and apply spontaneous health promotion program, it was considered that should emphasize compliance than cognition.

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