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Kim, Kim, Lee, Jang, Rho, and Song: Factors Associated With the Personal Protective Equipments(PPEs) Wearing of Workers in Small Scale Industries



The aim of this study was to identify the factors associated with the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in small scale industries.


In a cross-sectional study, the data were obtained from self-administered questionnaires, a special health examination and the industrial hygiene records. The study included 230 workers in small-scale industries (the print industry and automobile repair shops), which were provided with a subsidiary occupational health program funded by government in 1998. The authors used the Precede-Proceed model.


Among the subjects who were recommended to wear a PPE, 32.7% (35/107) wore the gas/vapor respirators, 43.9 % (101/230) wore the particulate respirators, and 44.3 % (102/230) wore hearing aids. Among them, 64.3 % (148/230) wore one of the above PPE. The wearing of PPE wearing was associated with knowledge (OR=2.34), the value of prevention (OR=3.46), social support (OR=2.78), the type of task (OR=2.18-4.47), and income level (OR=7.64).


In small scale industries, the proportion workers wearing PPE was low. To increase this proportion, the reinforcing, enabling, and environmental factors as well as the predisposing factors need to be modified.

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