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Jung, Lee, and Arakida: Stress and Presenteeism in Workers of Small and Medium Enterprises



The study objective was to develop an understanding of the relationship between the stress and presenteeism of workers.


The study subjects were workers who were receiving Group Occupational Health Services in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. For the survey, a structured self-report questionnaire was administered from February 1 to March 30, 2006. Data were collected from 354 employees and analyzed on SPSS 12.0 and AMOS 5.0 program.


For present health problems, gastrointestinal problems were ranked highest at 44.9% followed by muskuloskelectal problems, and mental and nervous problems with over 30%. However, compared to the current health condition, the rate of medical cure for the subjects' health problems was very low. Job and psychosocial stresses exerted a significant effect on the health problems, which in turn exerted a significant effect on the work impairment. In other words, stress exerted a significant effect on presenteeism.


Job and psychosocial stresses are the variables which influence presenteeism. Thus, Job and psycosocial stresses need to be controled to prevent the decline of presenteeism.

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