Journal List > Korean J Occup Environ Med > v.19(2) > 1125749

Kim, Ryu, Choi, Lim, and Woo: The Need-Assessment of Employee Assistance Programs among Korean Manufacturing Industry Workers in Gyeongsang-do



Employee Assistance Programs have recently been introduced to Korea as a potential solution to relieve workers's stress and improve their mental health. This study was conducted to determine the needs of EAPs among manufacturing industry workers in Gyeongsang-do Korea.


Responses to structured survey questionnaires were received from 556 workers at 7 mediumsized manufacturing factories.


Among the 556 workers who responded to the questionnaire ‘Prevention & management of work stress’, ‘Mental health & management of daily life stress’, ‘Physical exercise health promotion program’. ‘Elderly care’, ‘Outplacement’, ‘Financial support for leisure activities’, and ‘Ensuring leisure time’were raised as the main issues and services that they expected to be provided by the company.


EAPs have recently been introduced in Korean companies. The study results will be helpful to clarify the needs of individual Korean workers and to determine what EAP services should be provided.

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