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Korean J Occup Environ Med. 2009 Dec;21(4):388-395. Korean.
Published online Jan 29, 2019.
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An Association among Verbal Abuse, Social Support and Turnover Intention for Special Unit Nurses in a Hospital
Hyeon Sook Kim, Hyeon Woo Yim, Seung Hee Jeong and Sun Jin Jo
The Graduate School of Public Health, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea.
Department of Preventive Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea.
Clinical Research Coordinating Center, Catholic Medical Center of Korea, Korea.


Nurses' turnover has a negative influence on the nursing staff, as well as on the hospital organization as a whole. In an effort to reduce the turnover of nurses, the conditions causing turnover intentions can be identified and managed. The research is conducted to identify the association among verbal abuse, social support, and turnover intentions for special unit nurses.


A survey was conducted in 105 registered nurses who worked in the following areas at Kyonggi province hospital: operating room, intensive care unit, and anesthesia department. The questionnaires included questions in the following areas: verbal abuse by doctors, supervisors, and colleagues social supports by supervisors and colleagues and turnover intention. The survey was distributed and analyzed based on nurses' responses.


Operating room nurses had the highest turn over intentions. The verbal abuse by doctors and supervisors were highest in the operating room. Verbal abuse by supervisors had a significantly positive association with turnover intentions. Verbal abuse by doctors and by colleagues was not associated with the intention to leave. Finally, the social support by supervisors had a significant negative association with turnover intentions. Social supports by colleagues did not affect turnover intentions.


For nurses working at special units, verbal abuse and social support by supervisors had a significant association with turnover intentions. It is important for supervisors to make an effort to reduce nurses' turnover intentions by reducing verbal abuse and by increasing social support.

Keywords: Verbal abuse; Turnover intention; Social support; Special unit; Nurse