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Lim, Kim, Chung, Lee, Park, Park, Shim, Kim, Kim, Chun, Hong, and Kim: Study for MIB-1 Immunostaining and DNA Ploidy in Endometrial Carcinoma



The monoclonal antibody MIB-1 reacts with the same antigen as Ki67 antigen giving an estimate of growth fraction. The authors investigated whether MIB-1 staining, using semiquantative analysis and DNA ploidy study, could be a prognostic indicator of recurrence in endometrial carcinoma.


The tumors from 45 consecutive patients receiving primary surgical therapy for endometrial carcinoma were evaluated with MIB-1 monoclonal antibody and DNA ploidy status. Growth fraction was quantified by counting stained nucleus in HPF. DNA ploidy study was evaluated by flow cytometry. The patients were followed for 5 years and their charts were reviwed to determine recurrence, stage,and grade.


MIB-1 staing was significantly elevated in histologic high grade (grade II and III) as opposed to low grade(grade I) carcinoma (P=0.038). Aneuploidy was significantly increased incidence in advaned stage (stage III and IV) as opposed to early stage(stage I and II) (P=0.017). MIB-1 staing and aneuploidy were associated with increased incidence of recurrence within 5 years of diagnosis, but not statistically significance.


In this series of 45 patients with endometrial carcinoma. MIB-1 monoclonal antibody staining and aneuploidy to be a prognostic indicators of recurrence.

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