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Park and Kim: The Expression of phospholipase C-lambda1 and p53 in Endometrial Carcinoma


PLC-gamma1 plays a central role in the signal transduction for cellular activity, such as proliferation and differentiation. However, the significance of their expressions in endometrial cancer is yet to be determined. The current study examined the expression prevalence of phospholipase C-gamma1(PLC-gamma1) , and studied its relationship with p53 expression in endometrial carcinomas of varying stages and grades. Expressions of PLC-gamma1 and p53 were determined using immunohistochemical taining of paraffin embedded tissues from 21 endometrial specimens; Specimens included 10 cases of grade I, 8 cases of grade II, and 3 cases of grade III lesions. While there were few PLC-gamma1 expressions in the control group, 60% (6/10) of grade I carcinomas showed obvious PLC-gamma1 expression, 50%, and 30% of Grade II and III cases did respectively. In addition, PLC-gamma1 expression was restricted to the tumor lesions and the intensity of the PLC-lambda1 was the strongest in well differentiated cancers. P53 expression was identified in 7 of 21 (33%) cases, and there was no relationship between PLC-gamma1 expression and p53 overexpression. Our studies revealed that levels of PLC-gamma1 play important roles in the occurrence of ndometrial carcinomas, though factors that might influence them still remain obscure. And also further studies about correlation between PLC-gamma1 and p53 are needed to elucidate that in tumorigenesis.

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