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Park, Ahn, and Lee: A Case of Ovarian Mullerian Mucinous Papillary Cystadenoma of Borderline Malignancy


Mullerian Mucinous papillary Cyatadenernas of Borderline tumor(MMBT) is lined by mucinous epithelium of endocervical type and is characterized by papillae architecturally similer to those of serous horderline tumors, It has been described rarely in the literature, Thia case was reported with a brief review of the concerened literatures. It has important clinical and pathological diBerences from mucinous birderline tumors with intestinal differentiation, but has many similatities to mixed epithelial borderline tumora of Mulierian type. Recently, a case of MMBT in a 22 years old woman was experienced at our department. We presented this case with a brief review of literature.

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