Journal List > Korean J Gynecol Oncol Colposc > v.4(3) > 1123791

Lee, Lee, Yeo, Shin, Lee, Cha, and Suh: Combination Chemotherapy for Malignant Ovarian Germ Cell Tumors


Thirteen patients with malignant germ cell tumars of the ovary have been treated with a combination chemotherapy. The age of the patients ranged from ll to 50 years and there was no history of radiation therapy of chemotherapy except operation, Stage distributions are as follow ; 2 pstients are stage IV, 3 are stage II and remainied 8 are stage I. 4 patients with immature teratama and 2 patients with mixed germ cell tumor received VAC chemotherapy, as primary therapy, and among them 1 lost to follow up but remained 5 cases live without evidence of disease 39 to 83 gnontha. There were 3 patients with endodermal sinus tumor and 1 received VAC and remeined 2 received FVB as primary chemotherapy, Of them 1 died of disease after 9 months of oyeration and the other 2 live now with no evidence of disease. There were 2 patiente with dysgerminoma and 2 with primary ovarian choriocarcinoma. 1 patient with dysagerminoma and 1 wit choriocarcinoma were died because of chemotherapy toxicity, 1 patient with dysgerminoma, who refused further ehemotherapy after l course of chemot.herapy, died of progressive disease. l patient wit choriocarcinoma now live well without evidence of disease at 35 months. The combination chemotherapy using VAC or PVB regimen represents an effective treatment for malignant. germ cell turnars of the ovary and reveals moderate oxicity.

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