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Park, Lee, Cho, Chun, and Goo: Clinical Study of Borderline Malignant Tumor of Ovary


Borderline malignant ovarian tumor are characterized as neoplasrns exhibiting cellular priliferative changes greater than those seen in the benign form, but not showing destnictive invasion of the ovarian strama. We reviewed 14 cases of borderline ovarian tumor who had been diagnosed and treated at Kyung Pook university hospital from 1987 to 1992. We nnalysed the clinical features, treatment and prognosis which were compared to 24 cases of the epithelial ovarian cancer at the same period The most common histological thpe of boderline tumnr was mucinous type (1 l cases, 79%), the next one was serous type (3 cases, 21%). In FIGO stage of Borderline tumor, 11 caseS weve stage I a, 1 with stage II c, 1 with stage gb and 1 with stage lV, and the FIGO stage of 24 cases of ovarian cancer was 8 cases with stage I a, 1 with stage I b, 2 with stage I c, 1 with II c, 2 with stage III a, 1 with stage III b, 7 with stage III c and 2 with stage 1V. The mean age of borderline and malignant tumor was 37.1 and 47.6 years.. 3 cases were being pregnant on the operatian. In the 14 cases of borderline turnor, 7 cases were managed by conservative operation, but 1 case recurred 4 years later so extirpative operation and pastoperative chemotherapy were given. The other 4 cases were managed by extirpative operation but postoperative chemotherapy was given in only 1 patient. Follow up ranged from 7 to 72 months. 12 cases were alive. 2 cases died, one was stage III b, the other was atage IV. This atudy suggeat, that it is neceasary to follow up carefully even the early stage of botderline tumor and manage as oyarian carcinama in the advanced stage.

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