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Nam and Lee: Transvaginal Sonography as a Screening Method for Ovarian Cancer (I)


Utrasonic evaluation has been suggested as a screening method for early ovarian cancer. This study was designed to evaluate the aceuracy of pelvic ultraesound to measure the ovarian volume as the preliminary study. The ovarian volume me ured. by ultrasound was compared with findings at. surgery. Subjects far this investigation were 25 menstruating patients and 12 climacteric patients who were scheduled for gynecologic surgery chiefly unrelated to adnexal masses. The mean nf ovarian volume with menstruating patients was 5.7+/-5.9cm3 and that of climacteric patients was 2.5+/-l.3cm3(P<0.01). The eorrelation coefficient between the ovarian volurne measurement made by two examiners was 0.80. The correlation coeffieient between the ovarian volume measured by transvaginai ultrasonography and ovarian volume at laparotomy was 0. 37 and poor, The ll ovaries(52%) among the 24 ovaries of 12 climacteric tients were not visualized. So, this study suggested that the ovarian volume measurements af the postmenopauml by transvaginal ultrasonograpy was not simple and demanded the skill and laboraus training.

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