Journal List > Korean J Gynecol Oncol Colposc > v.4(1) > 1123766

Song, Park, Jeon, Kim, Kim, Choi, Kang, Lee, and Kim: Prognostic value of nucleolar organizer regions in invasive cervical carcinoma


We evaluated 17 with normal cervix and 67 with invssive cervical carcinoma to determine the relationship between the clinical variables of the cervical cancer(age, clinical stage, tumor size, depth of invasion, lymph node meat,stasis, 5-year disease free survival rate) and nucleolar organizer regions by silver colloid technique with formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues from 3anuary 1985 to December 1986 We calculated the mean number of AgNQRs per cell among 100 cells using an oil immersion lens and classified two groups accordiing to the me number of AgNOR, 1.5(group I<.l.5, group II1.5). There was significantly higher number of AgNORs in the invasive cervical carcinoma than in the narmal cervix(Mean+/-SEN: 1.20+/-0.15, 1.65+/-0.06), The number of AgNORs was not significantly associated with age, tumor size, depth of invasion and elimcal st.age. And there was no significant difference in the 5-year disease free survival rates between the two groups in invasive cervical carcinoma. So we concluded that the number of AgNOR may be useful for the differential diagnosis between the normal and the malignancy but may not be useful as the prognostic factor of cervical carcinoma.

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