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Lee and Kim: Expression of Fragile Histidine Triad (FHIT) Gene Product in the Uterine Cervical Carcinoma


To investigate the involvement of expression of the Fragile Histidine Triad(FH1T) gene product in the process of carcinogenesis and progression in cervical carcinoma, we examined its expression by immunohistochemical method in 15 cervical invasive carcinomas, 10 low grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasias(CINs) and 30 high grade CINs(CMI and III). We detected expression of FHIT gene product in 4 of 15(27%) of invasive carcinomas, 3 of 10(30%) low grade CIN and 7 of 30(23%) of high grade CIN, while we detected expression of FHIT gene product in 28 of 45(62%) normal and metaplastic epithelium near the tumor. Thesc data indicate that loss of expression of FH1T gene product has some role in the early tumorigenesis of uterine cervical carcinoma, but not the consequence of the pregression of the tumor.

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