Journal List > Korean J Gynecol Oncol > v.16(2) > 1123310

Park, Shin, Choi, Lee, Lee, and Paik: Immunohistochemical study of 14-3-3-sigma and -zeta in ovarian cancer



To evaluate the expression level, localization and distribution of 14-3-3sigma and zeta proteins in human ovarian epithelial carcinoma cells.


Epithelial carcinoma, benign epithelial tumor and normal ovarian tissues were evaluated by immunohistochemistry. For this study, mucinous adenoma (n=10), serous adenoma (n=10), mucinous adenocarcinoma (n=10) and serous adenocarcinoma (n=10) of ovary and normal ovarian tissue (n=10) were analyzed. Goat anti 14-3-3sigma polyclonal antibody and rabbit anti-14-3-3zeta polyclonal antibody were used as primary antibodies.


The 14-3-3sigma protein expression in the glandular epithelium was not statistically different among normal ovary, cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma. The 14-3-3zeta protein expression in the glandular epithelium was significantly higher for cystadenocarcinoma than for cystadenoma and normal ovary. The 14-3-3sigma and zeta proteins were immunohistochemically demonstrated in the nuclei and more preferably in the cytoplasm of adenocarcinoma epithelial cells.


The expression of 14-3-3zeta protein increased significantly in ovarian adenocarcinoma compared with adenoma and normal ovary. It is suggested that 14-3-3zeta protein expression may play an important role in abnormal growth of ovarian epithelial tumor cell.

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