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Kim, Cho, Kim, and Oh: Compression Hip Screw for Fracture of the Neck of the Femur: 22 Cases


The displaced femoral neck fracture continues to be a difficult problems such as high percentage of avascular necrosis and non-union. Compression hip screw was designed to aliow firm impaction at the time of operation and secondarily, for continued impaction if resorption occurs at the fracture line during healing. 22 cases of femoral neck fracture treated by compression hip screw in the department of orthopaedic surgery at National Medical Center were analyzed, and results were as follow. 1. The average of patient was fifty-three years, and man was predominant. 2. Average 8.9 days was elapsed from initial injury to hospital, and good results were observed in the cases of operation within 3 days. 3. The end results were good when the fragment was reduced within 165°–180° of Garden's angle in A-P film and 20° of anterior and posterior angulation in lateral film. 4. The good results were observed in the position of the screw center and low in A-P film, and center and posterior in lateral film. 5. The positive findings of the intraosseous-venogram was observed in 6 weeks from operation and apparent in all cases done after 6 months. 6. Bony union was obtained within 5.9 months, and avascular necrosis was established in 29 months. 7. Developed 3 avascular necrosis, 1 non-union, and 2 degenerative arthritis of 22 cases.

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