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Chang, Ahn, Yang, Cho, and Lee: Lunate Dislocation (A Review of Six Cases)


Six cases of lunate dislocation were treated in the departments of orthopaedic surgery, Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital and Kangnam Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym College during the period from March 1, 1978 to August 31, 1982. The results were as follows; l. Among the total 6 cases, two cases had lunate dislocation only and the other four had associated injuries of the same wrist joints. 2. Marupulative reduction was successful in only one case. Five cases were treated by open reduction, and for four of them internal fixation was tried. 3. Postoperative roentgenograms showed acceptable reductions in all cases except one which redislocation occurred. This case showed lunate dorsiflexion instability and was treated with extensor carpi radialis longus tenodesis. 4. The cases with pure lunate dislocation yielded better functional recovery than those with associated carpal injuries.

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