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Yune, Lee, Lee, Yoon, and Yim: The Clinical Follow-up Study on Total Hip Replacement


Total Hip Replacement is well documented and widely used procedure for painful arthritic hip in past two decades and each year still seems to be increased in numher of total hip replacement. And recently, there is a few reports of follow-up study on total hip arthroplasty in our country. The aim of this study was to present the clinical material which was performed on 27 hips of 21 patients who were treated at Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery. College of Medicine, Chungnam university from jan, 1979 to Jan. 1982. The longest follow up was 4 years, shortest was 8 months, average time was 2 years and 8months The results were obtained as follow; 1. The age incidence ranged from 26 to 69 years old, and average were 47 years old. 2. There were 17 males (81%) and 4 females (19%). 3, The causes of hip disease were mostly avascular necrosis of the femoral head (67%). 4, The most commonly used prosthesis were Muller type with trochanteric ostcotomy approaches. 5. Several complications were found: perforation of acetabulum with bone cenent in pelvis, postperative pneumonia wire breakage and painful bursitis around the trochanteric area which was on osteotomy sites. 6. Postoperative functional evaluation was evaluated by method of d'Aubigne and Postel, and improved from 10.0 scores to 15.8 scores. Relief of the pain is the most effect of the total hip replacement in this study, But case are not enough to more detail evaluation, especially, the problem of loosening of stem, acetabular cup wearing and heterotopic bone formation after total hip replacement.

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