Journal List > J Korean Orthop Assoc > v.24(5) > 1121307

Lee, Chung, and Kang: Thumb Reconstruction with a Free Neurovascular Wrap - Around Flap


On the length, strength, free lateral motion, and perfect mobility of the thumb, depends the power of the human hand. The thumb is called pollex because of its strength and that strength is necessary to the power of the hand being equal to that of all the fingers."So stated Sir Chales Bell in the fourth Bridgewater Treatise, first published in 1833. Morrison and O'Brien advocated reconstruction of the thumb with a free wrap around flap from the big toe to recreate a stable, sensate and functional digit including the nail in 1980. From March, 1982 to July, 1988, Twelve thumb reconstructions were performed using the wrap around procedure at Hanyang University Hospital;12 successful thumb reconstructions were reviewed at an average of 16 months after surgery. There were several complications;these included skin necrosis(4), malunion(1), resorption of the bone graft(7). We considered that cosmesis and function were good;pinch grip averaged 68% of normal, sensibility returned in all patients as assessed by two-point discrimination(average 9.5mm). Over all the results are as follows. 1. The wrap around technic provides a good method of reconstruction. 2. The wrap around technic is one stage operation and can be used in the level of metacarpal amputation. 3. The surgeon should be familiar with microsurgical technic.

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