Journal List > J Korean Orthop Assoc > v.19(5) > 1121091

Chung, Lee, Chang, and Cho: A Clinical Study of Fractures and Fracture - Dislocations of the Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries


A retrospective study was carried out of 125 cases of fractures or fracture-dislocations of the thoracolumbar spine. These were treated by either operative or nonoperative methods at the Kang Nam Sacred Heart Hospital of Hallym medical college during the period of Jan. 1980 to Oct. 1983. A comparison of clinical and radiographic findings regarding stability of spine, neurologic recovery, and back pain demonstrates distinct similarities and differences as follows: 1. Operative methods were found to be more efficient in correcting deformity and restoring stability than nonoperative methods. 2. No difference could be detected in degree of neurological recovery between operative and nonoperative methods in paraplegic patients. 3. Pain was more pronounced in the patients treated by nonoperative methods. 4. A classification of injuries based on radiographic findings is not satisfactory to confirm stability. There is a need for several methods of classification in order to planning the treatment program.

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