Journal List > J Vet Sci > v.1(2) > 1116097

Chang, Cho, and Brophy: A study on the immunocytochemical localization of neurofascin in rat sciatic nerve


We examined the localization of neurofascin (NF) in the sciatic nerve of rat. In the myelinated fibers, neurofascin localizes strongly in the nodal axolemma except the small central cleft and also expresses in the paranodes, and weakly in the Schmidt-Lanterman incisures. In the paranodes, NF localizes around the axolemma and it expresses in the apposing membrane of paranodal loops. Axoplasm, compact myelin and cytoplasm of Schwann cell do not express NF at all. In the Schmidt-Lanterman incisures, NF is expressed weakly along the Schwann cell membrane. We propose that neurofascin may be a plasmalemmal integral protein of Schwann cell in the paranode and plays some important roles for the maintenance of axo-glial junctions at the paranode. It may also have some roles for maintaining the structure of Schmidt-Lanterman incisure and have some relations with proteins localizing in the node.

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