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Yang, Kweon, Kim, Lim, Kim, Kwon, and Han: TaqMan reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Japanese encephalitis virus


One step TaqMan reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) using TaqMan probe was developed for detection of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV). Real-time RT-PCR was optimized to quantify JEV using the detection system (Rotor Gene 2000 detector) and dual-labeled fluorogenic probes. The gene specific labeled fluorogenic probe for the 3' non-translated region (3' NTR) was used to detect JEV. When the specificity of the assay using specific JEV primers was evaluated by testing three different JEV strains, other swine viruses and bovine viral diarrhea virus, no cross-reactions were detected with non-JE reference viruses. A single tube TaqMan assay was shown to be 10-fold more sensitive than the conventional two-step RT-PCR method. Detection limits of two step and real-time RT-PCR for JEV were 112 TCID50 /ml and 11.2 TCID50 /ml, respectively. Quantification of JEV was accomplished by a standard curve plotting cycle threshold values (Ct ) versus infectivity titer. Real-time RT-PCR assay using single tube method could be used as a sensitive diagnostic test, and supplied the results in real time for detection and quantification of JEV. We could detect JEV RNA genome in plasma samples of pigs inoculated with KV1899 strain at 2 days post inoculation, but couldn't in 41 fetus samples. This assay was sensitive, specific, rapid and quantitative for the detection of JEV from laboratory and field samples.

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