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Kwon and Ahn: A Clinical Study on Surgical Treatment of Clavicular Nonunions


Six. patients with clavicular nonunion were treated at the Daegu Catholic Hospital from Aug. 1980 to Jun, 1986. Five patients were male and one was female, and their ages ranged from 35 to 52 years. There were hypertrophic nonunion in four patients and atrophic nonunion in two patients; all six patients had symptoms due to nonunion. Factors that might have influenced the development of nonunion in our cases seem to be inadequate operative treatment, severe trauma and inadequate external fixation due to combined injuries. Five patients were treated with semitubular plating and iliac graft, and one was treated with intramedullary K-wire fixation and iliac graft. All patients achieved good union by average 10 weeks postoperatively and symptoms disappeared. It was concluded that symptomatic nonunion of the mid-clavicle could be treated by operation, and the procedure of choice seemed to be rigid internal fixation with plating applied in compression and bone graft.

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