Journal List > J Korean Orthop Assoc > v.23(3) > 1115370

Kim, Kim, Park, and Ahn: A Case Report of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Associated with Hypogonadism and Diabetes Insipidus


The slipped capital femoral epiphysis is the condition in which the femoral head slips downward and backward on the femoral neck at the epiphyseal plate. The underlying cause of this disease is unknown. In general, it is believed that endocrine factors may play a part as shown in experimental work. But few endocrine abnormalities have been proved. It is rare in Korea and eight cases have been reported and only one case was associated with diabetes insipidus in hypogonadal Turner mosaicism. Authors report a case of mild, acute on chronic slipped capital femoral epiphysis in a 19 year old male with hypogonadism and diabetes insipidus. It was treated by internal fixation with three Steinmann pins and the result was good.

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