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Chung, Chang, and Jeong: Bell-Tawse Operation for neglected Monteggia Fracture-Dislocation in Children: Two Case Report


Giovanni Monteggia, in 1814, was first to descoribe Monteggia fracture-dislocation, which is an uncommon injury in children. Bado's type-I injury, with anterior dislocation of radial head and anterior angulation of ulnar fracture, is the most common. In less severe injuries with minimum angulation of the ulnal shaft, the dislocation of radial head may be missed. Monteggia fracture, neglected (that is, more than a month after the injury) in children poses a problem in treatment. We report two cases of the neglected anterior type of Monteggia fracture-dislocation, who underwent open reduction of the radial head and reconstruction of annular ligament using central slip of Triceps brachii (Bell-Tawse procedure).

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