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Park and Hwang: The Primary Poro-Coated Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty (AML , PCA and HGP Prostheses)


This is a follow-up study of 88 cases of cementless total hip replacement in 77 patients(59 males and 18 female), using AML, PCA and HGP prostheses, performed at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, between September 1984 and December 1987. The follow-up period ranged from 18 to 56 months, the average being 34 months. The youngest patient was 21 and the oldest one was 79, the average being 47 years. The results were as follows:1. The average of Harris hip score was 89.7 points(Preop, 55.4 pints) at one year for 77 patients and 91.4 points at two years for 68 patients. 2. Radiographic analysis. a. Radiodense line:10 cases(11.4%) around the acetabular cup. 20 cases(22.7%) around the femoral stem. b. Calcar resorption:4 cases with AML stem(4/30), 2 cases with HGP stem(2/7). c. Subsidence:5 cases in PCA group(5/51).d. Radiological loosening:1 cases in PCA stem(1/51). 3. Intraoperative complications a. Femur neck fracture:15 cases(17%);5 cases in PCA group(5/51), 8 cases in AML group (8/31), and 2 cases in HGP group(2/7). b. Lateral collateral ligament tear:One case in PCA prosthesis(1/51). 4. Postoperative complications a. Prosthetic joint dislocation occured in 3 cases:1 case, closed reduction after tight adductor release:2 cases, cup reinsertion due to poor cup position. 5. Heterotopic ossification developed in 5 cases(5.7%) without significant loss of ROM. 6. Postoperative infection developed in 2 cases(2.3%):One superficial and the other deep. All were treated successfully with systemic antibiotics after irrigation and debridement.

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