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Han, Han, and Lee: The Results of Treatment in Femoral Neck Fracture Focusing to Complications


We analysed fifty six patients, with minimum 2 year follow-up, among 105 patients who were operated due to femoral neck fracture at Severance Hospital during the period from January 1985 to June 1989. Internal fixation were performed in 27 patients, and arthroplasties were performed in 29 patients:endoprosthesis in 6 patients and total hip arthroplasties in 23 patients. The average age was 61.0 years old ranging from 18 to 94 years old(internal fixation group;50.6 years old, arthroplasty group;70.7 years old). The types of fracture according to Garden's classification were stage 2 in 10 patients(17.8%), stage 3 in 23 patients(41.1%), and stage 4 in 23 patients(41.1%). Internal fixation were performed in all cases of stage 2,13 patients of stage 3 and 4 patients of stage 4. The results of treatment were good in 77.8 percentage of internal fixation group and 82.8 percentage of arthroplasty group. Complications needed operation developed in 6 patients(22.2%) of internal fixation group. Dislocation occurred in 2 patients of arthroplasty group, but they are not needed operation. Complications of internal fixation group were 4 patients of avascular necrosis of femoral head and 2 patients of nonunion. They occurred in displaced fracture(Garden stage 3 and 4) and in all of them total hip arthroplasties were performed. In the analysis of above results, the occurence rate of complications needed operation was high in internal fixation group comparative to arthroplasty group. Especially in displaced fracture, the complication rate was 36.0 percentage, so we think that the above results were concerned in mind at the time of the choice of treatment modalities for femoral neck fracture.

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