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Yang, Kang, Park, Chung, Kim, and Yoo: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Carpus form Computerized Tomographic Images


Three-dimensional reconstruction of the carpal bones was performed by using GE CT/T9800, IBM PC/AT and three-dimensional reconstruction software of hierarchical representation which was developed in our colleges. Four cases of carpal reconstruction were performed; One normal wrist (elbow disarticulation specimen), one lunate volar dislocation with carpal tunnel syndrome (preoperative and postoperative evaluation) and one Naviculo-capitate syndrome which was associated with transscaphoid dorsal perilunate dislocation and carpal tunnel syndrome (at first, it was diagnosed as transscaphoid dorsal perilunate dislocation and carpal tunnel syndrome). After reconstruction, we observed the carpus from dorsal and volar side, and from radiocarpal and carpometacarpal joint, and we seperated the proximal and distal carpal rows and observed the midcarpal joint and also removed the ulnar sided three carpal bones (triangular, pisiform and hamate bone) to observe the radius-lunate-capitate-third metacarpal axis. This first trial in the carpal region offered extremely valuable information on the general configuration of the traumatized carpal bones, namely, displacement and rotation of individual carpal bone in coronal and sagittal planes as well as in longitudinal axis.

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