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Lee, Lee, and Shin: Selective angiography of Hip in Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head


The diagnosis and treatment of avascular necrosis of femoral head advanced, after Freud issued examples of bilateral avascular necrosis of femoral head (AVN) in 1926. But still not fixed in treatment and diagnosis. Recently early diagnosis and treatment produced good result. Whole body bone scan, intraosseous pressure mornitoring, intramedullary venography, C-T, or MRI, Selective femoral angiography also used in early diagnosis. Selective femoral angiography was performed for 56 patients, who has suspected as AVN by sumple X-ray and WBBS in order to estimate. How the femoral angiographic finding exist in AVN. In the control group femoral angiography performed to 5 person with normal stage of clinical and radiologic finding. So the result are as following l. All cases in the control group were not observed terminal branch of superior and inferior capslar branch. 2. In AVN the alteration of vasculature appeared 22 patients among 56 patient. 3. The altered vasculature presented 87.5% in traumatic group and 31.5% in nontraumatic group. 4. Collateral circulation was 22.2% in the cases of patients under 6 moths of the time interual between etiological events and clinical symptoms, 89.5% over 6 months. 5. Collateral circulation received 86.8% from inferior gluteal artery two cases from superior gluteal artery, and three cases form obturator artery. 6. Clinical tolerance was supposed to in well developed collateral circulation. According to the above results, Vascular alteraion were noted very much in traumatic group and development of collateral circulation were related promote clinical tolerance. Selective femoral angiography was not effective to assist early diagnosis and treatment of AVN for it could not detect terminal branch of superior and inferior capsular artery that reflected intraossous vasculsture. We need the new nethod of angoigraphy in order to early diagnosis.

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