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Park and Lee: Treatment of Complicated Femoral Neck Fractures in Children by Quadratus Femoris Muscle Pedicle Bone Graft: A Preliminary Report of 4 Cases


The femoral neck fractures in children remain an unsolved problem because of lack of the optimal treatment followed by unpredictable, serious complications. Since the first trial of muscle pedicle bone graft by Judet(1962), Meyers et al(1973) refined and promoted this method for nonunion and as a primary procedure, and Baksi(1983, 1986) expanded its indication to post-traumatic avascular necrosis of the femoral head. Two cases of avascular necrosis and Two nonunion cases treated by quadratus femoris muscle pedicle bone graft at the Chonbuk National University Hospital from Jan. 1986 to Jun. 1988 were reported. The age of the patients varied from 6 to 16 years ; Follow-up ranged 6 to 29 months ; all cases were displaced transcervical fracture. In according to Ratliffs assessment, three cases showed satisfsctory results and one poor.

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