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Hwang and Lee: Nonunion of Clavicle


Although the clavicle is probably the most commonly fractured bone, nonunions are rare. We experienced 19 cases of clavicle nonunions, trested at the Depatment of Orthopedic Surgery of Wonju Christian Hospital, between January 1980 and June 1988(seven years and six months). This study focused on predisposing factors in relation to nonunion of clavicle and treatment. The factors predisposing to nonunion were middle and lateral 1/3 of clavicle, primary open reduction, severe trauma with associated injury and persistent gross displscement of fregment. Among the 19 patients, 16 patients were treated with semitubular plating and iliac bone grafting, 2 patients with the resection of the distal fregment and one patient was treated with treated with K-wire fixation and bone graft. All patients achived good union by the postoperative 10.7 week on average and symptomes disappeared. It was concluded that symptomatic nonunion of the clavicle could be trested by operation, and the procedure of choice seemed to be rigid internal fixation with plate applied in compression and bone graft.

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