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Ahn, Yoon, and Cha: A Clinical Study of Slipped Capital Femoral epiphysis


Slipped femoral capital epiphysis is a disease of adolescence, a period of altered skeletal development brought about by physiologic hormonal changes. Its actual cause is unknown. The clinical correlation between slipped femoral capital epiphysis and endocrine disease is well known. The slipped capital femoral epiphysis is displaced posterolateral side and 8 cases have been reported in Korea. The author reports here a typical case of bilateral slipped femoral epiphysis and unilateral three cases during the years 1984 throught 1987. The results were as follows :l. Among the 12 patients, male were 8 and female were four, left were 7 and right was one in unilateral cases. 2. All our cases treated by closed reduction and in situ pinning showed good results without complications. 3. As a result, we recommended gentle closed reduction and in situ pinning as the most favorable method of treatment for the slipped capital femoral epiphysis.

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