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Chae, Park, and Choi: Arthroscopic Excision of Popliteal Cyst


The origin of the popliteal cyst is the popliteal bursa and frequently combined with the intraarticular lesion. And open excision has been commonly used as a treatment. The authors reviewed 39 cases of popliteal cyst in 38 patients, mangaged with arthroscopic method at Department of Orthopedic Surgery, College of Medicine, Korea University Hospital from June 1989 to July 1993 and the following results were obtained. l. Among 39 cases, 35 cases(89.7%) were associated with intraarticular lesions of the knee joint; 25 cases(71.4%) were chondral injuries, 6 cases(17.1%) were meniscus tear, 2 cases(5.7%) were rheumatoid arthritis and 2 cases were plica syndrome. 2. 20 cases(51.2%) were shown to have the communication between cyst and joint. 3. During operation, position change of the patient and another draping was not necessary. And the blue stained wall enabled authors to remove more completely the popliteal cyst than other conventional operative procedures. 4. Becuase of the short skin incision, the operation time was saved and we were able to recommend early excercise of the knee joint and ambulation. The operative treatment of popliteal cyst with the arthroscopy is the one staged method to excise the cyst and to intervent the combined intraarticular pathology which develop the cyst, and is one of the recommendable method bacause of small skin incision, short hospitalization and early rehabilitation.

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