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Korean J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 1999 Mar;2(1):65-73. Korean.
Published online Mar 31, 1999.
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Ultrasonic Assessment of Gastric Emptying According to Feeding Types and Postprandial Postures
Jae Ock Park and Jong Bock Kim
Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Soonchunhyang University Seoul, Korea.


Regurgitation, vomiting and feeding intolerance are frequent in the neonates. Esophageal function and gastric peristalsis are not fully developed in the neonates, so we should give attention to reduce the incidence of regurgitation and vomiting after feeding. It is necessary to shorten the gastric emptying by change of feeding types and postprandial postures. Gastric emptying time was measured by ultrasound in the neonates to evaluate the effect of feeding types and postprandial postures.


We measured gastric antral cross sectional area along the abdominal aorta at the level of the superior mesenteric artery in longitudinal section at NPO state (4 hours after feeding), 0 and every 30 min. after feeding until the value goes below or back to the NPO state. Fifteen neonates were examined in each breast-fed and formula-fed group in supine position. Eighteen and 15 neonates were examined in supine and prone posture after formula feeding, respectively. We used 5 MHz convex prove with Aloka Echo Camera SSD-650.


1) Gastric emptying time of breast-fed infants was 76.0±20.02 min. which was significantly shorter than 96.0±20.28 min. of formula-fed infants. 2) Gastric emptying time on postprandial prone posture was 85.0±22.43 min. which was not significantly different from 96.0±20.28 min. on postprandial supine posture.


Breast feeding is strongly recommended to the neonates to shorten gastric emptying time. So we can expect to reduce the incidence of regurgitation, vomiting and feeding intolerance. The postprandial posture depends on the traditional trend which is safe and comfortable to the mothers.

Keywords: Gastric emptying time; Ultrasound; neonates