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Korean J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 1999 Sep;2(2):194-203. Korean.
Published online Sep 30, 1999.
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Etiology and Analysis of Severity in Childhood Pancreatitis
Jun Eun Park and Kyong Mo Kim
Department of Pediatircs, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine University of Ulsan, Seoul, Korea.


Childhood pancreatitis has more various and somewhat different etiology than adult. Until now the analysis of severity in childhood pancreatitis were not well-known, although several studies have been made. Therefore, we studied the etiology and complications in childhood pancreatitis and analyzed whether Ranson and CT criteria could be applicated to evaluate the severity of childhood pancreatitis patients.


The records of 30 patients with pancreatitis under 15 years of ages who were diagnosed in Asan medical center were reviewed. Age, sex, history, etiology, clinical features and treatment was reviewed in all patients but complications, Ranson and CT criteria were available in only 12 patients. Correlation between the number of complications and both Ranson and CT criteria were calculated with Spearman correlation coefficient.


1. Median age at diagnosis was 7.3 years of age. 28 cases were acute pancreatitis and 2 cases were chronic pancreatitis. 2. Etiology: choledochal cyst(8 cases), drug (7 cases), trauma (4 cases), infection (3 cases), biliary stone or bile sludge (3 cases), idiopathic (2 cases) Hemolytic uremic syndrome, pancreatic duct obstruction, iatrogenic (1 case). 3. Local complications were ascites (5 cases), pseudocyts (4 cases) and systemic complications were hyperglycemia (4 cases), hypocalcemia (3 cases), pleural effusion (3 cases), etc. 4. Positive correlation was found between the number of complication and Ranson creteria (r=0.78, P=0.0016) and between the number of complication and CT criteria (r=0.65, P=0.015) in 13 cases.


A trial to search the biliary duct anomaly may help to find the causes of childhood idiopathic pancreatitis, and both Ranson and CT criteria can be applicated to pediatric patients to evaluate the severity of childhood pancreatitis.

Keywords: Childhood pancreatitis; Etiology; Severity; Ranson criteria; CT criteria